Welcome to VisBis

VisBis is  the subsidiary of Luminatek company in the business of helping other companies develop products. Our engineers have many years of experience in a wide variety of fields. We now concentrate on helping other companies engineer their power needs--batteries, power supplies, inverters and D.C. to D.C. converters.

We not only engineer products, but we also manufacture products both in Utah and in China. This helps our customers and keeps us in lasting, long term relationships with both our customers and our factories.  We are truing to be cost effective and sell our products to smallest mark up. Very often we modify our existing products to your needs. For our buyers from North America, please go to Powerstream website.


Batteries-overvew (Part 0)

Batteries-overvew (Part 0)

There are many other battery chemistry, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Also batteries classified under their shapes. In the last few years a few geometrical shapes became very popular.
Wiring, installation and all about wires

Wiring, installation and all about wires

This page will give you some basic knowledge about wires and also provide and few useful calculators for different electrical parameters, dependent on wire size. Please note: WE DO NOT SELL WIRES.
Solar Power and method to calculate  panels

Solar Power and method to calculate panels

Q. How big the solar panel shall be? Answer: Starting point is to calculate power consumption of your house or devise.