Possible falures in Lithium batteries

Here I will try to briefly describe possible battery failures and why it happened.

Typical problem with Li-po is "completely dead battery". Devise won't power and won't charge.

If you open that failed devise you might see immediately that Lithium polymer battery inside looks like a blimp. If you puch on that battery you will feel it is like inflated inside.

Example 1. Smart tracker-bracelet Jawbone UP3

Battery (black rectangular thingy) inside is puffy) Measurements of voltage gave 0V. Opening battery connection with PCM module reveal 0V as well. Conclusion: battery is permanently damaged.

Example 2: cheap MP3 player.

Battery inside is really is really puffy. 0 volts and if you zoom or look closely on the part where battery suppose to have PCM module- it is not existent. Typical cheap design and with high chances battery management was not implemented on board of schematics.

Example 3. USB spy recorder. A cheap devise, which can act like portable Dictaphone.

This one is very interesting sample as it went bad in front of my eyes. I haven't used it for 1 year and in fact I haven't used it at all. I chared it ones in a hile and last charge was over 8 months ago. This time I wanted to maintain Lithium battery charged and insurt it in to USB charger. In about 30 seconds devise start splitting i seem and got hot. I turned off charge and right in front of my eyes this devise split in two halves. Battery got big and pushed cover to open.

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