Battery run-time calculator for Li batteries

This is a simplified run-time calculator to estimate the run-time of your loads. It is using simplified formula in assumption that Peukert's constant is =1 in Li batteries. If anyone out there has different opinion please drop us a line or two in the forum section. You need to know: a. Battery capacity in mAh (mili Amp hours) b. Load currents in mA.

Battery run time calculator Capacity, (mAh)
Current, (mA)

 Please note 1Ah=1000mAh and 1A=1000mA. So if you have large battery with 20Ah capacity, then put 20000 (mAh) as a number. And also if you like to think in Amps, then put both values: Capacity in Ah and the current in A and you shall have the correct result. I put everything in smaller units (mAh) simply because the majority users buying small batteries , which have specs in mAh (milli Amp hours).

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