Lithium Battery replacement

Most of electronic devices have batteries inside. With 99% they are become non functional because of dead battery inside. I hear this question over and over again: I have my device (toy) and I think the battery is dead. How do I find the replacement?

Problem with so many battery factories, which have their own part numbering.

Here is the most optimal way to deal with that:

1. Open your device very carefully. Most of cases do have at least one screw to hold the case enclosed.

2. Identify the battery inside and make sure you mark the polarity on the pcb or at least you will know the polarity in a week or so, when you come back to this project.

3. Cut, unsolder or unplug the battery from the pcb.

4. Take a volt measurement on it's status. If it is below 3V, it is most likely junk. If it is above that, it is possible to use it again.

5. If you wish to replace the battery, please take a geometrical measurement of it's size.

6. Most of battery manufacturers choose to have the model number in accordance to the battery size. But very often they can put thickness ether on the first two digits or on the last two digits.

With the cylindrical batteries it is much easier because they comes in very defined sizes. With the pouch (rectangular Li-polymer) it is a big mess.

7. Please do not expect we know all the battery models. It is way too many and like I said, there is no set rules about battery model nomenclature.

8. With known size or known space, where this battery shall be fitted, you could come up if not identical to your original battery, but at least fit to your device.

If battery is little smaller, there is no problem with that. The device will work anyway, may be with little less complete charge run time, but it will work.

In most of cases if it is 2 days on one charge or 1.5 days it is insignificant problem. At least it is working.

9. If you need to pick up the right battery, our parametric search will help you to come up with the appropriate size.

Please note: sometimes batteries consists with 2 or 3 battery cells. If on your label written 3.7V it is 1 cell. If you can see distinctive 2 or more cells or it said 7.4V or more, this is a battery pack. In this case you need to rebuild pack with the same number of cells in series or in parallel as it was used in original battery pack.

Please be grateful we have over 500 different sizes. Lots of vendors have at most 10 different sizes. But you could try the web search for the perfect replacement.

Most of time to go through 1...9 steps takes time, skills and money. You might look at that carefully to make sure it is worth to you or possibly buying the new device might be the better solution.

If you have any more questions, you could always use our Forum to write. Also you may always contact us if your question have more like commercial request.

Disclaimer: Please treat this article as an entertaining material, not the complete instruction on "how to fix" your item. We do not carry responsibility for damages, losses during YOUR projects around Lithium batteries.

And please understand: Lithium batteries very dangerous. Wiring them backwards, shorting or overcharging almost always leads to big trouble, including fires.

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