Custom sized battery

We do make custom sized batteries.

What do you need to know before you send us an email?

 There are criteria when we do make custom sizes. Possibly there is no point to discuss this topic.

1. In custom sized battery we require 100% prepay.

2. We will ask to pay 1200Euro for UN38.3 transportation certificate and 1800Euro for tooling.

3. Prepay for minimal order. Minimal order will depend on complexity of shapes and sizes. On an average minimal order is around 7000 batteries.

In most of times custom sized battery is very difficult to make. It takes about 1-3 weeks to finalize all the specs and characteristics. In essence there is your "wish" and there are realities. Our engineers will look in to your wish and let you know if it is possible.

It will take about 7 weeks to manufacture first batch and make sure we meet your expectations.

Another 2 weeks will be used for UN38.3 certification.

As you can see the process is rather expensive and lengthy.

We encourage you to use off the shelf sizes first.

Also we provide you tools online to check your battery idea against our battery calculator. Please use it first to estimate battery size or capacity.

All Li-po (Lithium Polymer) batteries are 3.7V nominal. Size makes them different with capacity.

Batteries are chemical devises. Very often they are hand made. Please understand: manufacturing process is highly complex. If you expect manufacturing Li batteries is like cooking pancakes in the nearest bakery, you are totally wrong. Most of engineers do understand that fact.

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