Single or Dual Pulse operation welder

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  • Single or Dual Pulse operation welder

Single or Dual Pulse operation welder

Weight (g) : 13000.00

Dual Pulse Version

These adjustable fine spot welder power sources allow you the versatility to take on projects from the large all the way into the micro-scale! They give good repeatability by displaying the exact energy readout of each weld. Purchase a hand weld tool or weld heads to meet your project requirements.

200ws Dual Pulse Industrial CD Spot Welder

  • 200 watt-second capacity
  • Single or Dual Pulse operation
  • Intuitive user-interface
  • Up to 275 welds/min.
  • Includes foot switch
  • 200 Watt-Second Welding dual-pulse welder
  • Foot Switch with 8 foot cable
  • Welder attachment hardware
  • User's manual
  • Dual probe hand piece
  • Nickel strip sample pack


  • Inexpensive capacitive discharge power source single or dual pulse versions available.
  • Adjustable weld energy/power. Dual pulse systems have adjustment for energy for both pulses. In addition the dual-pulse feature can be turned off.
  • Weld energy indication
  • Optional Pen, Battery Tab and manual or pneumatic plug-in weld heads
  • Standard foot switch

A note about dual-pulse, capacitive discharge technology

Dual pulse spot welding is used for high quality welding. There are two pulses for every actuation of the welder. The first pulse is a small fraction of the total pulse energy. It has the ability to clean the area to be welded by giving it a quick heat pulse, evaporating surface water vapor, oil, oxides and other contaminants. It also establishes a good, high conductivity area for the second, or welding pulse. The second pulse fuses the two pieces together. The area of the weld is very small, the piece remains cool, and the electrical conductivity and strength are high because the two pieces are alloyed over the spot surface. These is perfect equipment for welding battery packs with lithium cells.